Introducing FlagTrax

Street flags and banners have long been accepted as essential forms of decoration, beautification and communication in towns and cities around the world, and especially in Australia. They provide colour, vibrancy and movement, are a cost effective and a proven way to provide a festive atmosphere and a ‘look of success’.

Street flags and banners play a major role in the marketing plans of councils, community and business associations, events promoters and advertisers – providing both long term branding and short-term messaging focused on events and local happenings.

However, the installation of street flags and banners is typically slow, resource hungry and costly, especially in urban areas. The task of raising and lowering them typically requires cherry pickers, qualified technicians, traffic management plans, health and safety compliance – and often road or lane closures and the need to operate at night.

FlagTrax changes this!

FlagTrax is the new and hassle-free way to install street flags in seconds from the safety of ground level. Installing street flags has never been easier!

It’s unique track system can be fitted to new and existing poles, lampposts, light stands and walls. Prime display sites that were once difficult to access can now be utilised – no more cherry pickers, qualified technicians, traffic management plans or health & safety issues.

Why choose FlagTrax?

The ease with which FlagTrax Flags can be raised and lowered means they can be displayed at short notice and only as required.

They can be removed immediately after an event (no more confusing and out of date messages), or can be quickly removed before a storm avoiding unnecessary wear, fading or damage and resulting in greatly increased usable life. Flags with generic messages such as ‘Welcome to …’, ‘Season’s Greetings’ etc. can be used over and over again, saving thousands of dollars on each occasion.

FlagTrax offers numerous advantages to many, benefitting individuals and organisations well beyond its direct owners, operators and stakeholders.


  • Enhance street appeal with decorative, seasonal, topical designs and messages.
  • Deliver more effective promotional campaigns with new up to the minute messages more often, creating greater interest (‘something new’).


  • A single unqualified person can install street flags from the safety of ground level in a matter of seconds.
  • FlagTrax saves time on planning and allows for rapid deployment of messages. (For example, to welcome home successful sports teams immediately after the event).


  • No more expensive installation bills, traffic management costs or health & safety compliance.
  • FlagTrax offers a rapid return on investment. The initial cost of FlagTrax and its installation is quickly recovered by the on-going savings made in flag installation and increased advertising revenue.

How it works

FlagTrax enables flags and banners to be raised or lowered within seconds from the safety and convenience of ground level.

“It only takes around 90 seconds to raise a flag, and 30 seconds to lower and remove it.”

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