Why choose FlagTrax?

The ease with which FlagTrax Flags can be raised and lowered means they can be displayed at short notice and only as required.

They can be removed immediately after an event (no more confusing and out of date messages), or can be quickly removed before a storm avoiding unnecessary wear, fading or damage and resulting in greatly increased usable life. Flags with generic messages such as ‘Welcome to …’, ‘Season’s Greetings’ etc. can be used over and over again, saving thousands of dollars on each occasion.

FlagTrax offers numerous advantages to many, benefitting individuals and organisations well beyond its direct owners, operators and stakeholders.


  • Enhance street appeal with decorative, seasonal, topical designs and messages.
  • Deliver more effective promotional campaigns with new up to the minute messages more often, creating greater interest (‘something new’).


  • A single unqualified person can install street flags from the safety of ground level in a matter of seconds.
  • FlagTrax saves time on planning and allows for rapid deployment of messages. (For example, to welcome home successful sports teams immediately after the event).


  • No more expensive installation bills, traffic management costs or health & safety compliance.
  • FlagTrax offers a rapid return on investment. The initial cost of FlagTrax and its installation is quickly recovered by the on-going savings made in flag installation and increased advertising revenue.