Product Range

The basic FlagTrax system is a ‘L’ shaped aluminium track with a sliding mechanism that enables flags to be easily raised, lowered and displayed. The vertical section of the track extends from the flag access point up to the top of the flag, with the horizontal section of the track supporting the flag.

Each FlagTrax incorporates a tamper-proof lock and key mechanism which is located at the bottom access point of FlagTrax.  For ease of use and convenience the FlagTrax Flag access / installation point can be at eye level, but if additional security is required the access point can be positioned higher. This will deter ‘opportunist’ vandals but can be reached readily with the use of a suitable step stool or with the aid of an optional ‘FlagTrax Reach Pole’.

FlagTrax is available in several standard sizes and configurations or can be custom configured to suit specific requirements.

Fitting FlagTrax to existing structures

The most popular method of utilising FlagTrax is to fit the system to existing structures.  These include mounting to light poles, lighting columns, round or octagonal steel or concrete poles, wooden poles, as well as mounting to suitable walls, stand-alone fixed poles etc.

A horizontal support arm is required to support the top of the FlagTrax Track and to bear most of the wind forces on the FlagTrax Flag. This can either be an existing structure (such as arm designed specifically for the purpose and forming and integral part of the lamppost or pole), or a separate bracket that can be retrofitted to existing lampposts etc. when the FlagTrax System is installed.

A range of standard FlagTrax configurations are available. These are designed for retrofitting to a wide range of structures and are suitable for many applications.

FlagTrax Poles – The FlagTrax is attached to a purpose made pole.

Fitting FlagTrax to existing banner poles – FlagTrax is clamped (horizontal) and strapped (vertical) to an existing banner pole fitted with a suitable support arm bracket.

Fitting FlagTrax to octagonal poles – FlagTrax and a FlagTrax Support Arm Bracket is strapped to an octagonal, wooden or concrete pole.

Fitting FlagTrax to round poles – FlagTrax and a FlagTrax Support Arm Bracket is clamped to round steel poles.

Fitting FlagTrax to walls – FlagTrax and a FlagTrax Support Arm Bracket is screwed to a wall or suitable vertical surface.


To learn more on the full range of FlagTrax products download the Flagtrax Product Guide (see below)