FlagTrax reach Tool makes it even easier to change flags

For ease of use and convenience the access point to the FlagTrax Flag (the bottom of the FlagTrax track) can be positioned at eye level, or, if additional security is required, the access point can be positioned higher, most commonly around 2.5m.

This can be reached readily with the use of a small and lightweight step stool or the NEW FlagTrax Reach Tool.


Using the FlagTrax Reach Tool is fast and simple:

  1. Its ‘claws’ fit over the locking cap at the bottom of the track.
  2. The integral key is operated from the bottom of the tool and releases the locking cap.
  3. The ‘claws’ are used to pull the PushPull Rod down.
  4. After the flag is changed and the PushPull raised again, the tool is used to push the locking cap back into place.


Note: The standard tool is 1m long but is also available at different lengths to suit your special requirements.

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